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Opening Dec. 15, 2021



Summer 2022


The immersive exhibition

Above all, Monet wanted to capture the fleeting nature of the light reflected on the landscape, on people and things. In his rapid execution in the open air, and the resulting dissolution of form, he went against the academicism of the time and created colorful environments that could be considered the first immersive works in the history of Modern Art.


Created by Annabelle Mauger, Julien Baron and art historian Androula Michael, Imagine Monet features more than 200 paintings created by the founder of Impressionism Claude Monet, including the series of the “Cathedrals” and the “Water Lilies” from his garden in Giverny. The artistic approach in Image Totale© designed by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron will immerse the viewer in the heart of the Monet paintings. Presented by Tandem Expositions and produced by Encore Productions, the same team behind the exceptional success of Imagine Van Gogh and Imagine Picasso.

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